GRED Pvt Ltd will sell the following Real Estate

Properties through “SEALED BID” to the BEST BID

price offered.

  • OFFER OPENS  e.f 1st  July 2017
  • OFFER CLOSES at 1200 hrs on 15th July 2017
  • Venue: Shearee Square,4th Floor.


List of properties for sealed bid:

  1. Duplex
  2. Bungalow
  • Buildings
  1. Land
  2. Apartments
  3. Shop spaces
  • Storage Space

(Please collect the bid forms from Shearee Square,

4th Floor or Contact:17564277 & 17872620)

InformationWe are conducting the sealed bid to liquidate our Ready Home Stock. This sealed bid offer gives you the best purchase plan to suit your need. You can purchase with different payment modalities i.e cash payment, loan transfer, Installment and properties exchange. Our reserved price for the present stock has been maintained at the lowest to encourage many buyers.

An opportunity to buy and invest in GREDPL