About US

About Us

Founded in 2002 GRED are the pioneers and Bhutan’s most dynamic real estate developers registered and incorporated under Real Estate Pvt Ltd Company vide license No 1020853. From building ultra-modern homes to futuristic range of multi-unit residential communities and sprawling corporate campuses, GRED has gradually morphed into an indelible signature of the country’s booming construction industry – building homes and lighting the lives of hundreds of our proud property owners over the years.
With our vibrant team of steadfast professionals who are aces in their field, GRED ensures that every minute detail of our developmental aspects including land acquisition, design, construction, landscaping and commitment to quality are taken care of.

Our Approach

With the onset and boom in the construction industry GRED ensures that our properties are well-researched both in its long term viability and value aspects, and that properties are niche and ultra-modern. The firm also endeavors to stay ahead of market trends and is in constant pursuit of innovation.

Our Vision

We add value to our products so that your dream to acquire a home and a property that is not only visually appealing but state-of-the-art is what drives us go all the way to the next level, and which is second to none.

Why choose GRED

  • We give you the best bargain for your money while incorporating all aspects of your idea of an “ideal dream home”
  • GRED provides maximum pre-sales wherein, purchases are made from the time the project is started benefitting our customers on cost escalations
  • Understands our clients requirements and also ensure you of an property ownership certificate
  • We provide a wide array of two-bedroom apartments to luxurious duplexes while keeping provisions for customization of your homes
  • Provides you with different schemes which makes it easier and also gives you different options for payment
  • Our one year free services after taking over of apartment and buy-back policies also bodes well for our growing lists of clients and satisfied property owners
  • GRED forms a condominium which makes it easier for managing and maintaining all properties under our umbrella
  • We are also is flexible in allowing you to change your apartments within the GRED Projects
  • Our sound and high financial discipline with all the banks, investors and customers are also keys to our success
  • GRED clients have been so satisfied that we have many customers who have purchased properties from us with the recommendations of our old clients
  • We are reputed as the best and the highest registered home suppliers that is committed to building quality homes and properties in the country